No more sitting around and daydreaming.
We believe in the power of execution.

A side project can be anything from building an education app to starting a wellness blog to organizing a social campaign.

Kickstart Any Side Project


How my business degree challenged my definition of success

I decided to break barriers—and make my own backpack.

Sketching is my way of reflecting on what really matters.

By Charlie Liao, Consulting
By Brendan Elliott, Design
By Sophia Deng, Technology
Read stories of people who discovered new relationships, new career options, new passions, a new life through side projects.

Why  Join




You launch something great.

From finding the right project, to the habits and strategies to stick to your goals, to launching, presenting, and marketing your idea. We are there to help.

You get a support system.

Backyard is a an open and supportive community, where we find purpose in execution. Our ambition is that this community will move your passions forward.

You are finally doing something you love.

Think of it as an escape where you have ownership over what you want to do, follow through on your plans and ambitions, and have time reserved for just that.

How  It  Works

Who  We  Are

As creative thinkers, we like to learn by doing. We have come to the realization that  project-based learning is a more fulfilling and innovative way to apply what we learn in the classroom, practice skills, and discover new passions.
We created Backyard to bring students together in a space where everyone can feel more accountable for their independent work and commit to an interest they have always wanted to put into action.
As a Backyard project lead, you are in control of your work. We provide you with the tools, resources, and milestones to launch your project.

Maya is passionate about working with a diverse team to uncover new ways of thinking about complex problems. She’s worked with Sailo, Rent the Runway, and Facebook.
Tina is a strong believer in finding meaning from the process of making, and she enjoys excavating the creative jam in everyone. She’s worked with Bloomberg, Adobe, Grubhub, and Facebook.

Join a community of self-starters who hope to execute their own projects.

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